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The KELVIN S100 is a single-use data logger that reliably monitors temperature-sensitive assets across the supply chain. The single-use cellular device enables users to attain real-time data without the hassle of reverse logistics. The KELVIN S100 is a cost-effective and reliable solution that offers real-time location tracking and temperature detection.

The device is designed to monitor the temperature of high-value and temperature-sensitive assets such as pharmaceuticals and food & beverages throughout the supply chain. Due to the perishable nature of these products, monitoring vital metrics is imperative to ensure they have been handled and stored correctly throughout the supply chain. The tracker can detect temperatures between -20°C to 60°C in real-time identifying if any temperature violations have occurred.

With this device, businesses can reliably track and locate their assets. The solution has real-time location tracking capability ensuring that at any point of time businesses can understand where their assets are located. The device relays real-time data on location to the dashboard while in use. Real-time location tracking is critical to increase visibility for temperature-sensitive and valuable assets throughout the supply chain.

The tracker features an LCD display on the front of the device. A cross appears when a temperature violation occurs highlighting that a breach has occurred. This feature enables anyone within the supply chain to instantly understand if a temperature violation has occurred.

Following IATA regulations, the asset tracking solution utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect when an asset is in flight. During this time, the tracker enters sleep mode, while maintaining data storage throughout the journey. On landing, the device automatically wakes, and resumes data transfer.

Ensuring Safe Transportation


The Kelvin data loggers can play a crucial role in the safe transportation of human organs. These data loggers can monitor the temperature and humidity of the container, ensuring that the organs are kept at optimal conditions throughout the journey. This can help prevent damage to the organs and ensure they remain viable for transplantation.


Transporting radioactive material such as uranium requires specialized handling and monitoring. The data loggers can help ensure the safe transport of these materials by monitoring and logging temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. This information can be used to detect any potential issues that could compromise the safety of the shipment.


Food products, particularly perishables like fresh produce or frozen goods, require specific temperature conditions to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. These data loggers can help ensure that food products remain at the correct temperature throughout the transport process. This helps to reduce waste, maintain quality, and improve food safety.

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