Gas sensing for safe air in public spaces


Protect people, crops, animals, and equipment with the xTAG Environmental and xTAG Gas Sensors

Deviceworx xTAG Environmental Sensors accurately measure air temperature, pressure, and humidity. xTAG Gas Sensors measure the concentration of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Volatile Sulphur Compound (VSC) gases in the air. There are a vast array of measurable VOC/VSC gases, including sewage gas, propane, natural gas (methane), construction off-gases, fire off-gases, and so on. The xTAG Gas sensor supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can be “trained” to measure any of these gases.

Use these xTAG Sensors to monitor the air within spaces to ensure temperature, humidity, and dangerous gases are within safe limits to protect people.

Monitor crops’ exposure to damaging high temperatures and humidity within storage and shipping spaces. Recover crop damages by proving where and when they were exposed to harsh environments.

Protect livestock and pets by monitoring their exposure to damaging levels of temperature, humidity, and dangerous gases.

Ensure equipment is healthy by collecting operational data such as bearing casing temperatures, filter upstream pressure (increases when clogged), exhaust gas composition, etc.

Monitor fire types and burn rates. Specific fire fuels (such as grasses vs trees) exhaust specific VOCs. Measuring specific VOCs in smoke using the xTAG Gas Sensor can indicate what is burning as well as how fast.

Operators can review environmental and gas concentration data within the Internet of Things (IoT) cloud-based reports. Cloud functions can also trigger alarm messages via email or text alerts whenever data crosses a safety threshold. Alarms can prove crucial in vacating a dangerous space, saving the lives of people or animals within that space. Alarming and monitoring equipment ensures that equipment faults are dealt with promptly to avoid unplanned production stops that cost operations dearly. Sensor-logged crop batch environmental and location data is uploaded to the cloud for later review. Exposure of crops to poor environments can be addressed by process improvements or claims against a storer or shipper. Service providers can deploy xTAG Sensors and charge operators to view reports and receive alerts under a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model to increase revenue dramatically.

All xTAG Sensors can make wireless (long-range Bluetooth) cloud connections using Deviceworx xGATEWAY IoT Gateways.

In some cases, simple, opportunistic acquisition of xTAG data to the cloud may be all that is required. In these situations, operators can use the xTAG Explorer app as an IoT Gateway. This app can collect sensor data over Bluetooth for cloud storage, reporting, and alarming (using Wi-Fi or cell data).