Help create a safe environment for your guests/employees


The LS-134 is an M2M/IoT station that is LoRaWAN™-compliant for smoke/heat detectors and helps save lives every day. These small but effective devices are a vital fire-safety early-warning system, in both the workplace and the home. While it’s critical to have smoke detectors installed both at home and work, it’s most important to have reliable smoke detectors operating at home. Each year, more and more deaths occur in households. Tragically, children under five years of age die at twice the rate of all others. To prevent this from happening, many countries like Germany, the USA, and Japan have imposed new, stricter fire codes that require a smoke or gas detector to be installed in every home or room.

Working with decades of research and development, USGlobalsat is a leading manufacturer of residential safety products, serving OEM customers as well as selected distribution partners worldwide. We focus on advanced photoelectric sensing technology to optimize reliability and reduce environmental risks in all of our products. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products for fire and gas detection. All of our products meet international standards and are available for OEM/ODM projects.