Touchless Technology

xTAG BEACON Proximity Marketing

BLE Beaconing

To reduce the cost of beaconing and simplify installation, Deviceworx has developed the xTAG BEACON. The xTAG BEACON does not require external power. It can run from a pre-installed battery for 5+ years. While the xTAG BEACON cannot drive a display (like an xPLAYER), it is far less expensive – making installation of multiple xTAG BEACONs feasible for operators wishing to cover a larger area or wishing to support beaconing in many locations.


NFC Tapping

BLE beacons are commonly supported by apps. Some operators may wish to simplify the user-experience and avoid the requirement of app installation. For these operators, the NFC Tag support that is built into the xTAG BEACON is an excellent option. Smartphone users simply tap their phone on the xTAG BEACON (near its clearly marked NFC coil) and their phone (Apple or Android) will load content described by the NFC message delivered from the xTAG BEACON. Content is typically a web page, but can include videos, games, etc. Note that some Smartphones can even support auto-dial of a phone number upon tapping.


Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage

Supermarket Digital Kiosk

Indoor Digital Signage

Our first product (developed over a decade ago) was Android player support for digital signage. This Chameleon for Digital Signage (C4DS) product remains in use today supporting advertising playback on Android set-top boxes.

Outdoor Digital Signage with Beaconing

Deviceworx developed the xPLAYER. The xPLAYER supports all of the C4DS features listed above (with the exception of resolution which is limited to 1080p), and adds BLE beacon support for broadcasting offers and promotions to users nearby. The digital sign provides the first valuable step – issuing a Call To Action or CTA to people nearby prompting them to install a Smartphone app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The CTA typically includes a “hook” to entice users. Often, a compelling promotion (e.g.. “Install our Acme App to get a free coffee inside this store”). After users install the app, they will receive unlimited offers whenever they come near any xPLAYER (or xTAG BEACON device described below). The innovative xPLAYER combination of digital signage and beaconing is patent pending by Deviceworx.

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