Dingtek LoRaWAN Smart Waste Bin Sensor

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The DF703 sensor is designed for waste/trash bin status detection, whether inside or outside.

Status alerts for:


The DF703 Waste Bin Detector is built with a LoRaWAN module, allowing the user to monitor bin status remotely without making costly site visits. Through the built-in LoRaWAN, the bin transmits its status via a gateway to a network server and application server. Data upload and monitoring uses low power consumption with an internal battery life of more than eight years (at a four-hour upload interval).

Product Features


With the application software, users can assign collection work and route plans, analyze task performance, and find solutions to improve their system. It is easy to install the device on different styles of trash cans. For example, the device can be mounted on the top of a lidded bin or to the side wall of a lidless bin.

Effortless Waste Management at Home

Say goodbye to overflowing trash bins and missed garbage pickups! This device monitors the fill levels of your waste containers and sends real-time alerts when they’re ready to be emptied. With this automated waste management solution, you can focus on more important things while keeping your home clean and tidy.

Streamline Waste Management for Your Businesses

Managing waste at a business can be a messy and time-consuming process. With the ability to monitor fill levels of commercial waste containers, this device can optimize your garbage collection schedule, reduce costs, and maintain a clean and organized work environment.