Industrial IoT

Using networked sensors and intelligent devices to drive artificial intelligence and predictive analytics

IIoT is driving unprecedented disruption in an industry that has struggled in recent years due to talent shortages. With our Industrial IoT solution, SensorWorks can offer hope for the industry’s future. The IIoT can transform traditional, linear manufacturing supply chains into dynamic, interconnected systems. IIoT technologies help to change the way that products are made and delivered, making factories more efficient, ensuring better safety for human operators, and, in some cases, saving millions of dollars.

One of the greatest benefits of the IIoT is how it can dramatically improve operating efficiencies. If a machine goes down, for example, connected sensors can automatically pinpoint where the issue is occurring and trigger a service request. Perhaps more importantly, the IIoT can also help a manufacturer predict when a machine will likely breakdown or enter a dangerous operating condition before it ever happens.

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IoT Genset Monitoring Solutions

Providing you with unmatched visibility and control over your generator fleet

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Industrial IoT Equipment

Looking for a custom tailored suite of IoT sensors to monitor your company assets?