Body-Temperature Reading Solution

Help companies deliver a safe environment and get back to work safely.


How can the Body Temperature Reading Kiosk help?

With best-in-breed hardware and industry-leading functionalities, the body-temperature reading kiosk can help you protect your customers and employees with instantaneous temperature scanning.

Face mask detection and advanced AI facial recognition capabilities

Supports walk-by mode to scan multiple people at a time in rapid succession

Provides minimal interruptions to normal activities

Available with desktop, floor stand, and wall mounting options

Ideal for offices, factories, hotels, movie theaters, supermarkets, and more

How It Works

Temperature Scanning Within One Second

With an advanced infrared camera featuring an industry-leading high resolution (1280×800), and a 50 Hz frame rate, the SensorWorks Body-Temperature Reading solution is able to offer instant scanning and keep traffic moving.

temperature scanning

Easy to Manage


Plug and play body temperature reading
Face Mask Detection

Facemask Detection

Deliver a Safe Company Environment Today