Condition Monitoring


Condition Monitoring

Introducing SensorWorks’ game-changing solution powered by the Advantech WISE-2410-NB LoRaWAN Wireless Vibration Sensor. Our platform makes it easy to connect all of your assets and start monitoring in real-time.

How It Works


Connect any sensor or existing programmable logic controller (PLC) and instantly get real-time visibility and alerts


Programs are executed locally for low latency with no dependency on connectivity


Central view dashboards and easily deploy programs from the cloud without going on site

Maximize Uptime, Minimize Downtime

Monitor your equipment across multiple plants and remote sites on just one screen. You’ll have the insights you need to make informed decisions and take action before problems arise. Whether you’re overseeing a large manufacturing plant or managing equipment at multiple remote locations, our solution is designed to simplify your monitoring process and help you minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Advantech WISE-2410-NB LoRaWAN Wireless Vibration Sensor

WISE-2410 is a LoRaWAN wireless conditional monitoring sensor integrated with an ARM Cortex-M4 Processor, LoRa transceiver, 3-axis accelerometer, and temperature sensor. Battery lifecycle is 2 years with IP66 enclosure.

Visibility on any device

Gain deep insights into your machines’ conditions with customizable reports and intuitive dashboards. Centralized visibility means all of your data and dashboards are available to view on any device with a web browser.

Date range report

Historical trend analysis

Historical data import and integrated time-series data storage allow you to view trends over time and make better predictions about the future of your business.

Prevent outages and reduce maintenance costs

Identifying asset failures before they happen doesn’t need to require complex analysis. Using our dashboard and easy-to-use tools you can pinpoint changes in performance that were previously undetectable to build a preventative maintenance plan

Simple Installation

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