Smart Building


Any good building manager knows that there are many facility management challenges that must be faced to keep their building in top shape. The key is to identify these challenges and determine the most efficient and effective ways to overcome them. Among them are controlling costs, extending the life of your resources, doing more with less, keeping accurate records, and choosing the right vendors. SensorWorks is here to help.

SenosorWorks has developed IoT Solutions to address challenges that building and facilities managers face every day. Intelligence, automation, and innovation are key components of our smart building & facilities management solution sets. Consult with us for tailored solutions.

Smoke detector on ceiling

Air Quality

Prevent fires at homes, businesses, and facilities with a safety early warning system that can help save lives, prevent injuries, and minimize damage.

Security gate with motion sensor

Presence & People Counting

Make smart decisions with presence and motion sensors that can trigger significant movements of objects or persons in any indoor facility with low maintenance.

Water leaking on a pipe

Water Leakage

Take action quickly to avoid property damage by monitoring water moisture and send you an immediate alert to help you prevent a leak from becoming a flood.

pest control

Pest Control

Eliminate the expense from outside pest companies to monitor rat and mouse traps. Wireless traps notifies the facility management team when a trap needs to be emptied.