Crop and Environmental Sensors

Crop and Environmental Sensors

Drive crop production to new heights through smart farming with real-time data.

The Evolution of Agriculture Has Arrived

IoT-enabled AG-Tech Solutions have become an indispensable component of every commercial farming operation

The adoption of Precision Agriculture Solutions has allowed farmers to actionably maximize yields with granular visibility and control of the variables of crop farming such as soil moisture levels, pest infestation, disease identification, remote soil conditions, and localized micro-climates through rich analytics and automation. By utilizing Smart Farming technologies, diagnostics, bio-metrics, and precision techniques for planting and growing crops, precision agriculture enables farmers to increase efficiency and more assuredly manage costs.

Tailored to Your Needs

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Monitor and manage temperature and humidity variations in real-time, ensuring the optimal growth conditions for your crops. Our sensors provide accurate data to help you prevent frost damage, heat stress, and mold growth, enabling you to safeguard your crops and maximize your harvest.

Soil pH Monitoring

Maintain the perfect soil pH balance for robust plant health and growth with our state-of-the-art pH Sensors. Accurate pH measurements are essential for nutrient uptake and efficient absorption, allowing you to fine-tune your irrigation and fertilization strategies. By monitoring and adjusting soil pH levels, you’ll create an environment where plants can thrive and produce the highest-quality yields.

Water Quality Management

Efficient water management is at your fingertips with our advanced Moisture Sensors. Avoid over-watering or under-watering your crops by precisely measuring soil moisture content. Our sensors provide actionable insights to optimize irrigation scheduling, conserve water resources, and prevent waterlogged soil. Achieve healthier plants, reduced water waste, and improved crop yield potential.

Water Level Monitoring

Keeping track of water levels in your irrigation pond is crucial for efficient water usage. Our water level sensors provide real-time data on water levels, enabling you to optimize irrigation schedules, prevent water shortages, and ensure consistent crop hydration.

Why Our Customers Choose SensorWorks

Patrick S Precision Agriculture

Very easy to set up and a great value for IoT devices. Received an activation email which was super easy to set up using the APN settings.

Jena Precision Agriculture

Quick delivery and good communication. I would buy from them again.

Tim G Precision Agriculture

Works well and the support and communication is Steller. They respond right away. I have bought several of these things from them and not a single problem. No issues with the installation.

Martha Precision Agriculture

Maintains a stable connection to my IoT devices. Highly recommended.

Joseph Precision Agriculture

Good support and quick to respond. Would buy from them again.

Rick Owens Precision Agriculture

The set-up was very straight forward. When working with their customer support on the service agreement, they were responsive and informed. Thanks! 2 thumbs up!

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Great communication and support.

Jessica Reynolds Precision Agriculture

Working as expected.

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Excellent service, have bought from them twice now. Quick response to activation request.

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Easy to work with.

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Activated within 24 hours!