Level Monitoring


Level monitoring involves using IoT sensors to track the real-time levels of waste bins, tanks/totes, and occupancy. Waste bin level monitoring ensures timely collection and prevents overflow. Tank/tote level monitoring prevents overfilling or underfilling of liquids or solids. Occupancy level monitoring helps optimize space utilization and energy usage. These solutions provide accurate and reliable data to improve resource management and increase operational efficiency. The sensors used for level monitoring can be embedded in physical devices, objects or through various technologies such as GPS, RFID, LoRaWAN®, SigFox® (ISM LPWAN), NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Terrestrial Cellular, Iridium® (Low Orbiting Satellite), and others.

Waste Bin Level

Waste Bin Level

Optimize waste management with SensorWorks’ smart bin-level monitoring systems, delivering unparalleled efficiency and cost savings for any commercial facility.

Tank Level

Tank/Silo Level

Reduce waste and streamline logistics. Our monitoring solutions help you maintain ideal inventory levels.

Occupancy Level

Occupancy Level

Create a safer and more comfortable environment. Our motion-occupancy monitoring solutions ensure proper space utilization and occupant comfort.

Why Level Monitoring?

Level monitoring is essential for optimizing resource management and reducing waste. It provides real-time insights into waste bin, tank/tote, and occupancy levels. Our monitoring solutions are critical for event management, logistics, and supply chain management, ensuring proper inventory control. Level monitoring is also used to prevent theft and manage risk in various contexts. As the quantity or value of resources increases, level monitoring becomes more critical for efficient management.

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