Sense the World Around You

Increase remote visibility from the cloud to the edge by optimizing and maximizing productivity. 


  • Smart Sensor Solutions

    Smart Waste Bin Level Monitoring

    Eliminate the costs of unnecessary collections by managing bins at any level.

    Smart Waste Bin Level Monitoring
  • Smart Sensor Solutions

    Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

    Automate monitoring for commercial facilities, food service, hospital, school, and retail industry.

    Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  • 24/7 Automated Monitoring

    Temperature Monitoring

    Delivering unparalleled asset protection as well as substantial time and money savings. 

    Temperature Monitoring

    Our Sensor Solutions

    Ag tech solution

    Precision Agriculture

    Enhanced agricultural solutions to gain greater real-time data insight to optimize productivity and crop yield.

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    Asset monitoing in warehouse

    Asset Monitoring

    Improve profitability through automated monitoring and alerting of assets with real-time health utilization.

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    Personnel Monitoring

    Protect your people 24/7. Accurately report the location of any employee, anywhere on your property.

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    Man using tablet at Natural gas processing facility

    Industrial Monitoring

    Transform traditional, linear manufacturing supply chains into dynamic, interconnected systems.

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    Fleet management

    Transportation & Fleet

    A unified system to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy.

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    two men walking inside a smart building

    Smart Building

    Control costs and extend the life of your resources by doing more with less while keeping accurate records.

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    Measure it. Analyze it. We'll help you sense it.

    Offering turn-key sensor solutions to maximize your productivity with easy-to-install sensor kits for food services, healthcare, industrial IoT, asset tracking, and building safety and security.

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