School & Transportation

An easy-to-use student transportation platform for visibility, safety, routing, and maintenance of school bus fleets


Optimize Route Performance

Use route analytics and ridership data to evaluate on-time performance, identify improvements, and balance bus loads

Respond to Parent Concerns

Get ahead of parent inquiries and quickly resolve questions about delays, missed stops, and driving incidents with real-time data and a parent-facing dashboard

Ensure Student Safety

Internet-connected cameras and NFC readers for student tracking create the most accurate, seamless incident response solution available

Helicopter view navigation

Know Where Buses and Students Are at All Times

Live-to-the-second bus and student tracking detects late and missed stops, stop paddle and emergency lights usage, and risky driving

Elementary school students get on bus

Immediately Locate and Account for Students

Optional NFC ID Cards log when and where students get on and off buses, which helps administrators find missing students, compile bus rosters, and balance bus loads

Dashcam Report

Instantly View Remote Camera Footage

Outward- and driver-facing dash cams automatically upload HD images and video to Samsara’s dashboard, completely eliminating hours spent manually retrieving footage

Route Analytics

Route Integration Improves On-Time Performance

Easily import routes and measure on-time performance to identify trends in bus delays and improve routes

Mobile Portal for Parents

Optimize Maintenance with Engine Diagnostic Alerts

Automatic engine diagnostics alerts and app-based DVIRs let mechanics fix repairs faster, proactively prevent breakdowns, and reduce overall paperwork.

Bus maintenance

Give Parents Peace of Mind

Parent portal reduces inbound calls by sharing real-time bus location and ETAs with parents and alerting them if buses are running late.

Samsara integrates with popular parent apps (such as SafeStop and ClassDojo) at no additional cost.

Real-Time Bus Visibility Using Samsara


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