Air Quality

Prevent fires at homes, businesses, and facilities with a safety early warning system that can help save lives, prevent injuries, and minimize damage.


School and Work Environments

Protect students and employees, identify abnormalities in air quality, and create healthier spaces with our environmental sensor solutions. In universities and work environments, a high concentration of CO2 can impact focus, cognitive abilities, and overall performance. Our monitoring systems continuously track and analyze CO2 levels, enabling you to take timely actions such as ventilation adjustments or scheduling fresh air breaks. Ready for deployment in the home or at commercial locations.


Industrial Environments

Carbon monoxide is a significant concern in enclosed parking structures. With our CO monitoring solution, you can receive immediate alerts when CO levels rise above safe limits and promptly identify and address any CO leaks or buildup. Ensure the safety of both employees and customers, while also complying with safety regulations. 


Restroom and Laboratory Environments

Ammonia is commonly found in bathrooms due to cleaning products and biological waste. Laboratories also utilize ammonia in various processes, making precise monitoring critical to maintain safe working conditions. By implementing our smart monitoring systems, you can ensure adequate ventilation and promptly address any potential issues. Create a clean and healthy environment for employees and customers.


Live Data

Our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard provides you with a holistic view of your air quality data in real-time. With easy-to-understand visualizations and customizable widgets, you can monitor key metrics, trends, and historical data at a glance.


Air Quality Alerts

Our intelligent alerting system keeps you informed of any critical changes in air quality conditions. Customize thresholds and receive instant notifications via email, SMS, or through our mobile app when CO2, CO, or ammonia levels exceed predefined limits. Stay one step ahead and take immediate action to maintain a safe and healthy environment.




The Centers for Disease Control generally considers any site with CO₂ levels above 1200 ppm as inadequately ventilated.


Access custom air quality data reports across one or hundreds of locations.


Optimize the outdoor air exchange at your location by knowing when to open windows or increase HVAC flow rates.


Monitor areas to ensure filters are being cleaned properly and temporarily reduce occupancy until conditions improve.


Air sensors provide direct-readings of pollutants and their concentrations in the air for research, education, and safety purposes.

Organizations can use their real time CO₂ and particulate measurements to take quick action to maintain a healthy space. Real-time measurement allows you to modify ventilation, filtration, and occupancy as needed to keep spaces safe.

Yes. We have a library of air quality sensors that can be adapted to your unique occupancy tracking requirements.

Air quality sensors are best used for scientific research, education, understanding sources of pollution, locating leaks at industrial facilities, and emergency response.

Yes. Our flexible APIs can help you pull and send all data captured in SensorWorks to your third-party applications. Our team provides documentation and support. 

No. Most of our sensors are plug-and-play and are DIY (do it yourself) installation. If a solution requires professional installation, we’ll be more than happy to provide the service. 

SensorWorks has a web and mobile application that allows you to track and monitor air quality remotely from anywhere. 

Yes. Our application supports one to hundreds of locations. Plus, you can add an unlimited number of users to manage the account and/or receive alerts and reports.