Seeed Studio SenseCAP S2103



IP66 rated



The SenseCAP S2103 CO₂, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor incorporates a built-in LoRa Module (LoRa-E5) for long-range transmission and a standard Li-SOCl2 high-capacity battery (type ER34615). It is designed and optimized specifically for use cases that need to power end devices for years. To minimize power consumption, the device wakes up, transmits the collected CO₂, temperature, and humidity data to the gateway, and then goes back to sleep.

Under the best of circumstances, the battery is expected to last for more than 10 years, depending on environmental factors and data transmission intervals. Please note the default interval is once per hour. The user can replace the battery quickly by unscrewing just three screws.

This LoRaWAN CO₂, Temperature, and Humidity Sensor is compliant with the LoRaWAN protocol of v1.0.3 Class A, has a wide measuring range, and can work in a wide range of scenarios, like office/classroom, ambient monitoring, livestock, shed environment, and fermentation monitoring.

About the S210X series

The next generation of LoRa sensors, the S210X Series offers users industrial long-distance data acquisition via LoRaWAN. The S210x series is suitable for a wide variety of industries such as smart agriculture, smart buildings, and industrial control.

With the IP66 rating, –40 °C to 85 C° operating temperature, and built-in 19 Ah high-capacity battery, combined with the devices’ low power consumption, the S210x series can operate in harsh outdoor environments for up to 10 years with a range of up to 10km. The built-in Bluetooth facilitates setup and reduces large-scale deployment costs, allowing users to focus on application development and start retrieving data in a few steps. Just install the device, bind it using the QR code, and configure the network, then data can be viewed from the SenseCAP portal, which supports popular IoT protocols such as HTTP and MQTT.