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Complex monitoring systems, limited staff and budget, and aging infrastructure make water management a challenge. Samsara’s cloud-based solution simplifies SCADA, remote monitoring, and PLC-based control, helping utilities of all sizes do more with less.

Why Samsara for water and wastewater?

Cloud-based software and industrial controllers with cellular connectivity simplify deployments so you can focus on what’s important to you–providing a safe and reliable service for your customers.


A consolidated tech stack reduces both capital and operating costs


Unlimited users with access from any web browser or smartphone


Connect to existing PLCs, instrumentation, and databases


Easy to use software for quick changes and custom views


Easy to deploy, update with new inputs, and scale across operations


Fewer moving parts simplify management and troubleshooting

Benefits of cloud-management

See why more customers are choosing Samsara’s cloud-based approach for SCADA and remote monitoring

A complete platform for SCADA, remote monitoring, and control


Sensors, controllers, and other assets transmit live data via Gateway.
Operators view real-time status data and managers track production KPIs and trends in the Dashboard.

Increase your team’s capacity and responsiveness

Manage distributed assets, reduce overtime, and respond to issues immediately. Real-time alerts, mobile visibility, and remote control of pump and lift stations, tank levels, pressures, and more help minimize on-site visits and ensure that operators can prioritize their most important work from anywhere. 

water mobile alerts

Prevent outages and reduce maintenance costs

Identifying asset failures before they happen doesn’t need to require complex analysis. Samsara provides a full history with unlimited storage of sensor readings, runtimes, and vibration through the cloud. Using dashboards and easy-to-use tools you can pinpoint changes in performance that were previously undetectable to build a preventative maintenance plan.

Pump vibration

Maximize asset efficiency and reduce energy costs

Ensure you’re filling tanks, and running your most efficient pumps during non-peak power hours. Using Custom KPIs to track pump efficiency in real-time, and Samsara’s open API to bring rate data into dashboards, you can start managing energy costs directly. 

Stay compliant and save time on reporting

Maintain regulatory compliance and minimize fines by monitoring and alerting on chlorine and tank levels, controlling chlorine pacing, and more. Easily create and export custom reports in just a few clicks saving time previously spent collecting manual compliance data. 

Create and update SCADA and HMI dashboards in minutes

Samsara dashboards are easy to use, so you can customize and make changes on the fly without additional labor costs. Drag and drop charts and tables automatically resize for any device making it easy to monitor your operations and KPIs from anywhere.

Tank Metrics

Our solution across your water operations

See how Samsara connects assets and instrumentation for SCADA and remote monitoring across your water and wastewater operations

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