Samsara IG21



Industrial Grade Hardware

Class 1, Division 2 Certified

Embedded Cellular

4G LTE connectivity

Intengrated I/O

Built-in analog, digital, and counter I/Os

Edge Processing

Local storage & high-performance CPU for low-latency control at the edge

Industrial Control System

Samsara’s IG Series Industrial Controllers provide a modern platform that combines data collection, control, alerts, and analytics in an easy to deploy and easy to use system – from the plant floor to remote sites. Managed by Samsara’s secure cloud dashboard, the IG Series combines the capabilities of a programmable logic controller (PLC) or remote terminal unit (RTU) with a 4G LTE cellular gateway into a single device designed to meet the harsh demands of water/wastewater, oil and gas, and industrial environments.

Faster, Easier, and Cheaper to Deploy

Integrated platform means that whether you are connecting critical equipment on the shop floor, or hundreds of remote locations, simply connect your IOs and gain immediate visibility on your browser or mobile device. No servers to set up, no software to manage, no complexity.

Operational Data at Your Fingertips

View critical data in Samsara’s cloud dashboard, easily export to analytics tool of your choice, or directly integrate with your existing historian through modern API functionality. Samsara makes getting your data easy, and lets you manipulate it to get the most out of it.

Real-Time Visibility and Alerts

Samsara’s cloud dashboard acts as historian and HMI to provide immediate visibility into real time and historical data, and allows for simple, easy to manage alerts. Cloud infrastructure allows infinite scalability without any infrastructure investment, and on device storage means data is captured even if network connection is down.

Easily View and Deploy Program Code

Modern IEC 61131-3 programming environment allows engineers to reuse code and audit program execution – all without going onsite. Samsara’s central visibility dramatically increases the speed at which industry standard IEC 6113103 programs can be written and deployed across any number of locations.

Designed for Modern Data Security

Unlike legacy solutions that were designed in a different era and patched over time, Samsara is purpose-built to aggregate and process sensor data securely. Cyber threats continuously evolve – your industrial IoT architecture should as well. Samsara’s architecture ensures always up-to-date cloud software and seamless over-the-air firmware patches for on-premise devices. Find out more at samsara.

Internet Connectivity


WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

Data Security

All Internet connectivity secured via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption (the encryption standard for sensitive data including military and financial applications)

Data Transmission and Storage

Real-time Connectivity

Streams sensor data to the Samsara Cloud in real time

Built-in Storage for Offline Loggin

Sensor data stored in built-in flash memory when Internet connectivity is unavailable

Digital and Analog Inputs/Outputs

Analog Inputs

4, Isolated channels with 0-12 V or 0-24 mA
Resolution: 14-bit ADC
Accuracy: 0.1% FSR at 25C
ESD/EFT/Surge protected
Input Resistance @ 24mA: 300 ohm

Analog Outputs

2, Isolated channels with 0-12 V or 0-24 mA
Resolution: 16-bit
Accuracy up to +/-0.2% FSR at 25C
ESD/EFT/Surge protected
Settling Time: 5us
Load Range: 1000 ohm (12V) – 600 ohm (20mA)

Digital Inputs/Outputs

6, User-configurable as inputs or outputs (open-drain)
ESD/EFT/Surge protected
As Input: Dry-contact (internally sourced 3.3V @ 1mA)
As Input: Wet-contact (0-30V)
As Output: Sinking MOSFET output, rated 30V, 0.5A

Counter Inputs

2, Counter Input (0-30V)
Up to 10Hz (dry-contact)
Up to 10kHz (wet-contact)


Serial Port

RS485: Up to 20Mbps, 2-wire, half-duplex
RS232: Up to 1Mbps, 2-wire, full or half-duplex
(ESD Protected)

Serial Protocol

Modbus slave/master


8-pin modular RJ45 jack, 10/100 Mbps (10/100 Base-T)

USB Host

USB 2.0 compatible A-type receptacle



180mm x 118mm x 32mm (7.09in x 4.65in x 1.26in)



Hazardous Locations

Certified for Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D

Accessory Antennas


LTE Directional Antenna


LTE Array Antenna


Requires IG license. License includes cellular data connectivity, cloud software, mobile apps, ongoing firmware updates, maintenance, and support.