Food & Beverage Fleet Management

The fleet management plaform of choice in today’s changing environment for real-time visibility, managing compliance, increasing driver safety, and monitoring cold chain.

One platform for real-time visibility, cold-chain monitoring, streamlined compliance, and driver safety


Improve Driver Safety

Identify risky behavior and proactively coach and exonerate drivers.

Ensure Product Quality

Gain visibility over dry-van and reefer environments and get alerts when temperature and humidity go out of range.

Streamline Compliance

Easily manage hours of service (HOS) and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Share live ETAs with customers to reduce inquiries, manage demand fluctuations, and win more business.

Safety screen with 2 samsara dash cams

Run a safer fleet with AI Dash Cams

Visibility into harsh events and distracted driving make it easy to automatically identify coachable moments, exonerate drivers, and standardize training.

Maintain cold-chain integrity

Simplify FSMA compliance, eliminate spoilage, and minimize rejected loads. Real-time temperature alerts and reefer monitoring proactively informs your team if things go out of range.

Exceed customer expectations

Strengthen relationships with your customers and win more business. Live- to- the- second GPS gives receivers real-time visibility into ETA’s while reducing arrival inquiries. Robust temperature logs and e-signatures make deliveries more efficient.

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GPS Vehicle Gateway


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Powered Asset Gateway


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With a complete hardware portfolio and broad feature set, Samsara is a system that provides ROI for fleet customers across many verticals.