DF702 , Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The DF702 sensor is designed for waste bin (Trash Bin) status detection of waste Bin outside or inside used. It detects the following status for the customer of using a place for the user:


Built-in Structure (4G)

DF702 waste bin detector is built through the 4G module. It works for quad-band frequency so it works worldwide. The 4g module transmits the status 4G networks to the base station to the network’s server and application server. Users can monitor their status remotely.

Product Features


With the application software, the user can assign the collector resource work plan and route plan. Analyze task performance and find out the solution to improve the system. Finally, the objective of high efficiency, good environment, and low cost are achieved.

It is easy to install the device on different styles of trashcans. For example, for a trash can with a lid, the device can be mounted on the top, and for a trash can without a lid, the device can be mounted on the sidewall.

Of course, this sensor can also be used in other environments, such as measuring liquid level. We can also customize the software version if you have other needs.