RIOT Edge Solutions TLM-19-0 LoRaWAN Sensor


TLM-19-0 LoRaWAN Tank/Silo Sensor

Uses LoRaWAN to provide hourly measurements for over 4 years on AA batteries.


Keeping your cleaning chemical tanks topped off is an important and dangerous business. It is important to keep the operations from shutting down because of empty tanks. It is dangerous because the cleaning fluids and concentrated, so proper handling of them is critical. Delivery is risky as the refill truck often moves through commercial and residential corridors.

Idling operations due to stresses on the supply chain have a huge impact on sustainability. Bulk deliveries, which happen too often or not often enough, have a substantial impact on sustainability and profitability.

Salesforces that are driving around checking tank levels with dipsticks, thinking they are making a sales call, are a huge waste of human capital and resources.

Monitored tanks with leak detection will have a huge impact on sustainability.

Tank Level Monitors (TLMs) should be a part of every corporate ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).


It is designed to operate reliably in hazardous and harsh operating environments, the TLM108-02 has HAZMAT, C1D1, and ATEX-rating, Intrinsic Safe, and is proven for use in monitoring tanks in extreme environments from Alberta, Canada to Bakersfield, California.

Simplified Installation

The TLM108-02 can be installed on multiple tank types easily, including tanks that contain caustic, acidic, reactive, and petroleum contents. Our platform makes it easy for installers and account managers to check both the tank and status in the field. The device has an embedded LoRa or Cellular modem or can be wirelessly paired with an ultra-ruggedized satellite communications device, providing local or global coverage using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).


Water Towers

Grain Silos

Water Totes

Large Tanks

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