Sentrius RS1xx External Series, LRD1-45509TP0-LNA

The SensorWorks-Ready Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius RS1xx External Series is a battery powered, long-range sensor platform leveraging the benefits of LoRaWAN and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity. Its small, rugged form factor contains superior RF performance and flexibility with a wide-ranging external temperature probe. At its core, the RS1xx External Series utilizes Laird’s field-proven and reliable RS1xx Series hardware, providing LoRaWAN options in 868 MHz and 915 MHz frequencies, plus BLE for local data display, configuration, and troubleshooting. Based on the Semtech SX1272 and Nordic nRF51 silicon, it offers a LoRa range up to 10 miles with a local 2.4 GHz connectivity option to smartphones and tablets. The RS1xx External Series works with Laird’s Sentrius RG1xx Series of LoRa/multi-wireless gateways for simple out-of-the-box integration and is compatible with third party Cloud and LoRa network ecosystem partners.

Power your applications with Sentrius™ Series

Simple to Use

Accurate Solution


Your Wireless Network

Develop a fully-owned private LoRa network to capture, route, and process IoT data for your application

Rugged Durability With A Broad Sensor Array

Provide a robust and resilient platform for recording and delivering sensor data from a range of harsh environments

Actionable Alerts

Quickly document the necessary course of action required to address alerts associated with incidents and workflows

Comprehensive Security and Reliability

Robust multi-layer security at each interface to safeguard your network at every level

Broad Certification And Approvals

Ready for deployment in multiple regulatory domains - FCC, IC, CE, ASNZS, NCC, and Bluetooth SIG listing

Platform For Building Actionable IoT Intelligence

Route sensor data to the cloud with our simplified wireless connectivity deployment