Deviceworx xTAG and xGATEWAY Solutions

The Deviceworx Industrial Monitoring Infrastructure

Deviceworx has developed sensors to read or sense physical data (e.g. vibration, temperature, humidity, color, sound, etc.), aggregate and pre-process (if required) that data locally, transfer it to a local or cloud-based repository, generate reports on it and trigger user notifications if it crosses a threshold.

Deviceworx IIOT Infrastracture

Hall Effect Sensing

Color Sensing

Environmental Sensing

Sound Sensing

Use xTAG Sensors to Read Environmental Data

Install xTAG BLE wireless sensors or xTAG USB wired sensors to sense physical data. Next, install an xGATEWAY and connect xTAGs to it and configure it to push data to a local data repository or the cloud. These simple steps are all that are required to meet the technical challenge faced by many operators – to move data into a local data repository or the cloud where it is valuable.

IoT Sensor Solutions

Cost-effective solutions for all your IoT needs. Monitor industrial equipment with Deviceworx xTAG Sensors, transfer data to local or cloud storage, and connect to legacy industrial equipment through Deviceworx xGATEWAY.


  • Sense data (e.g. vibration, temperature, humidity, current, light, etc.) within harsh industrial environments. Use machine state data such as hours operating within Materials Requirements Planning or Energy Resource Planning (MRP or ERP) solutions to allocate resources and improve operational efficiency. Use machine health data such as vibration characteristic changes to forecast failures before they happen to limit downtime and increase efficiency.
  • Sense data affecting crop growth rate and quality within harsh agricultural environments (e.g. temperature, humidity, soil pH and moisture, etc.). Remotely track crop conditions to make decisions affecting production in real-time to maximize the effectiveness of fertilizer and irrigation.
  • Trace produce health (color) and environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, shock) during transport. Recover lost product revenue due to poor transportation and environmental issues. Fix transportation problems to reduce loss or recover financial damages by proving to shippers that damage occurred during shipping.
  • Connect legacy systems to local networks or the cloud to support remote monitoring and control. Connectable legacy devices include PLCs, SCADA RTUs, panel controllers and many others. “Retrofit” IoT functionality to older systems and give them the advantages of newer connected systems and avoid the very costly alternative of their replacement. Retrofit IoT to legacy hardware for operational insight to generate efficiency gains or obtain remote system control to free up operators who would otherwise continually monitor these systems.
  • Synchronize sensed data to all popular IoT cloud services like Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, & Google Cloud IoT to allow cloud data processing and analysis.
  • Select device connections that match your priorities: industrial-grade 100m+ wireless for simplicity or fast plug-and-play wired connections for bullet-proof communications.

Vibration Analysis Solution

The Deviceworx xTAG Sensors support high-speed vibration data acquisition (25 to 1600 samples per sec in X, Y and Z dimensions). The acquired data can be very effectively analyzed to forecast machine failures – dramatically reducing costs associated with unplanned downtime.

The wireless xTAG BLE has been designed to draw very little power from its battery during normal operation. When sensing “part time” (ie. only after each machine start), it is capable of collecting vibration data for many years (replaceable battery lifespan depends on daily acquisition frequency, duration and sampling rate).

If more constant data acquisition is required, xTAG USB wired devices can be installed with plug and play connectivity to xGATEWAY devices.

Deviceworx Vibration Report

Asset Tracking Solution

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