Panic Button Starter Kit



ACCS Gateway Push Button with 5 Beacons

Protect your staff 24/7 with an easy-to-use push button that will report accurately the location of any employee, anywhere on your property.

  • No site survey required
  • Competitive pricing
  • 100% Off-network
  • Compliance guaranteed

Quickly Locate Employees in Distress

Safely resolving an emergency situation can come down to a matter of minutes. You’ll have real-time visibility into exactly where distressed staff is and where they’re moving to.

Simple to Use

  • Quick and easy wire-free install
  • No IT or electric rewiring required
  • Professional installation included
  • On-going staff training included

Accurate Solution

  • Room level accuracy
  • Locate staff on floor plan
  • Tracks both indoors and outdoors