Wireless Irrigation Valve Controller

Wireless Irrigation Valve Controller



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The Future of Wireless Irrigation Control

Save 10% Irrigation Water Use with Automated Variable Rate Irrigation

How it works

The Vinduino 5th generation wireless irrigation controller controls a pump, multiple irrigation valves, and keeps track of flow rate per irrigation block. The system works with eVineyard and eOrchard software for daily optimized variable rate irrigation to improve crop results and save resources.

While automatically adjusting to evapotranspiration on a day by day basis, irrigation volume is controlled with one-minute precision, potentially allowing huge savings and consistent results. Optional IrriWatch input provides actual crop coefficient data, this gives an additional 10% saving vs. canopy shade measurement (2020 field data).

The irrigation controllers can join with up to 1,000 stations in a 10-mile range wireless network. The latest LoRaWAN radio technology provides always-on instantaneous response, allowing for wireless scheduling of multiple units and perfectly synchronized pump and valve operation.

One unit can control four irrigation zones, and one master valve or pump, while operating on solar or mains power.  Integrated flow rate tracking allows precise irrigation volume management per irrigation zone. The Vinduino 5G wireless irrigation controller can detect leaks and autonomously stop irrigation while sending an alert via email and text message.

IrriWatch Keeps An Eye On Your Crops

Crop monitoring chart

The absolute values of soil moisture and behaviour with time shows in one shot what happened with your field during the irrigation season. It is in a way a signature of your irrigation skills; Too late? Too little? Too much? All perfect? Conclude for yourself with these distinct examples. The shaded areas indicate the within field variability between 5% driest and 5% wettest pixels. IrriWatch can do this for every crop and every field in the world! 


Vinduino improves profitability by increasing yield and fruit quality, while reducing cost of labor and resources, with award-winning technology.