The Vector 4D is the latest innovative product from Irisys. Developed based on customer feedback over many years, it is highly accurate and boasts advanced dwell and staff detection features.

This objective data goes beyond people counting and enables businesses to make informed decisions that:

The most advanced people counter in the world with unrivaled count accuracy.

Impressive features such as passive staff detectiondwell time measuring, and the ability to connect multiple units to cover wide openings enable this IoT device to help smart businesses go beyond people counting and optimise the customer experience.

And it does all this anonymously, protecting customer and staff privacy!


Staff Detection

Improve the accuracy and reliability of your data by removing staff from counts or count staff specifically


Privacy of customers and staff protected as neither are personally identifiable

Multi Unit

Seamlessly connect multiple units together to cover large areas and wide openings

Dwell TIme Monitoring

Measure the length of time people spend in defined areas. Useful to measure effectiveness of displays.

Works in Tough Conditions

Unaffected by darkness, bright sunshine, reflective surfaces or patterned carpets


Count children and adults based on accurate height measurements with additional filter options available

How it Works


Retail Stores

Accurately measuring footfall and using this to generate detailed retail analytics is at the core of what we do.

Benefits and ROI

      • Retail analytics – data driven intelligence
      • Understand your customers
      • Get a consistent measure of customer engagement
      • Improve the customer experience
      • Find your winning conversion formula
      • Assign staff deployment to demand


Accurately measuring footfall and using this to generate detailed retail analytics and power supermarket queue management systems is at the core of what we do.

Benefits and ROI

      • Reduce queue length and customer wait time
      • Retail analytics – data driven intelligence
      • Increase conversion – maximise opportunities
      • Improve the customer experience
      • Assign staff deployment to demand
      • Understand your customers

Shopping Malls

People counting is vital to protecting safety and ensuring social distancing. By measuring occupancy and limiting the number of people entering, mall operators can provide a safe environment.

Benefits and ROI

      • Set realistic rental rates for tenants
      • Improve your staff scheduling
      • Create a better customer experience
      • Ensure the effectiveness of your marketing

Museum Galleries

People counting solutions offer an objective source of reliable data that you can use to study the attraction of your institution. Benefits include direct cost savings by deploying staff only where and when they are needed, identifying new opportunities for bringing in revenue and creating a better environment for your visitors, encouraging even more visits.

Benefits and ROI

      • Deploy staff more effectively
      • Maximise retail opportunities
      • Identify popular exhibits
      • Intelligently schedule maintenance

Train Stations and Airports

Data from Irisys’ advanced people counting sensors give transport hub operators a powerful tool for daily management, future planning and making sure everything runs as efficiently as possible whilst providing a high level of customer satisfaction for travellers.

Benefits and ROI

      • Monitor passenger traffic flow
      • Maximise the value of your real-estate
      • Build relationships with your retail partners
      • Identify and manage in real-time
      • Assign staff deployment based on demand

Outdoors and City Centers

Understand how different areas of the city are used, improve planning, improve infrastructure and make city life better for everyone with accurate data on the movement of people.

Benefits and ROI

      • Improve space planning
      • Monitor effectiveness of campaigns and events
      • Attract investment using actual footfall data