AG24 front


Powered Asset Gateway

The AG24 Asset Tracking IoT Gateway is ideal for monitoring dry-van and refrigerated trailers, heavy equipment, and high-value mobile assets. It features a waterproof and ruggedized enclosure, a variety of sensor and interface accessories, and multiple built-in power options. The AG24 enables improved operating efficiency, theft recovery, and regulatory compliance. It is part of Samsara’s complete sensor system that combines asset tracking, fleet management, safety, and compliance solutions in a single platform.

Product Features & Highlights

Deep visibility into mobile assets

Samsara provides location visibility for both powered and unpowered assets, enabling operators to instantly find trailers in the yard, streamline utilization, and improve customer service.

Measure and optimize utilization

By collecting and analyzing inventory and usage data, Samsara identifies underutilized trailers and assets that could be moved to higher-demand locations or routes with more revenue potential.

Detect & recover lost or stolen assets

Samsara provides easy-to-use geofences and alerts, enabling operators to instantly detect and respond to theft or unauthorized use. Samsara’s real-time location tracking enables law enforcement to quickly recover stolen assets.

Gain visibility into refrigeration

On refrigerated trailers, the AG24 can connect to additional wireless temperature monitors to capture trip history and send real-time alerts, helping to reduce temperature-related loss and damage claims.

Integrate seamlessly with Samsara wireless sensors

The AG24 is compatible with Samsara’s easy-to-install wireless temperature, door and cargo monitors, providing sophisticated reporting and alerting software. Track temperature of trailers in the field, monitor when doors open in unauthorized areas, and get real-time alerts as soon as cargo is unloaded.

Long-lasting lithium-ion battery with built-in solar

When charged by a power source, the AG24 maintains battery charge indefinitely and has backup built-in solar panels.

Installs in 15 minutes

With a weatherproof and water-resistant design (IP67 rating), flexible power options, and fully wireless accessory sensors, the AG24 can be installed on most trailers and assets in just minutes.

Data Inputs


High-precision GPS with internal antenna

Wireless Sensors

Zero-configuration temperature, cargo and door monitoring with Samsara wireless sensors

Internet Connectivity


Continuous 4G LTE cellular connectivity, with 3G fallback where LTE coverage is unavailable
Operating area: United States, Canada, Mexico, European Union
LTE: Quad band 2/4/5/12. 3G: dual band 2/5

Data Security

All Internet connectivity secured via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption (encryption standard for sensitive data including military and financial applications)

Data Transmission and Storage

Real-time Connectivity

Streams sensor data to the Samsara Cloud in real-time when connected to power source. (When using internal battery or solar power, data updates 12x or 2x per day, respectively)

Built-in Storage for Offline Logging

Built-in flash memory logs data when Internet connectivity is unavailable


Power Efficiency

Low power consumption: 90uW (sleep) to 900 mW (peak) power draw
12V DC input power, with simple installation connecting to seven-way connector
Internal lithium-ion battery enables up to 5 years of battery-powered operation. Battery charges automatically via seven-way.


Requires AG license. License includes cellular data connectivity, cloud software, mobile apps, ongoing firmware updates, maintenance, and support. Available in 3 and 5-year terms.