The Samsara ID Card Reader leverages near-field communication (NFC) technology to provide increased visibility into student and passenger transit systems. Passengers are issued Samsara ID Cards (or compatible NFC-based ID cards) that contain unique identification numbers. When passengers board and disembark, they tap their ID Cards against the ID Card Reader, which logs and securely transmits time, date, and location data to the Samsara Cloud. As part of Samsara’s powerful IoT platform, the ID Card Reader enables transit fleets to combine ridership data with real-time GPS and camera data, delivering improvements in passenger safety, operational efficiency, and route planning.

NFC Card Reader

Faster Incident Response to Improve Passenger Safety

Immediately locate and account for passengers on any vehicle, at any time. With instant access to the real-time location of vehicles and passengers, dispatchers can quickly communicate critical information to emergency responders.

Real-Time Location Sharing to Reduce Parent Inquiries

Easily provide parents with the confidence that students got on the right bus, at the right stop, at the right time. Samsara reduces the administrative burden of fielding parent inquiries by providing a portal for parents to view the location of their child’s bus in real-time.

Ridership & Utilization Reports to Optimize Route Planning

Samsara combines ridership data and GPS tracking to show ridership patterns and vehicle utilization rates. Easy-to-use reports can be viewed in the Samsara Dashboard or exported to Excel, enabling fleets to plan more efficient routes and balance bus loads.

Data Security & Privacy

End-To-End Data Protection

Close read range of 5-10 cm prevents unauthorized data skimming
Secure data transmission via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption (military-grade)
24x7x365 monitoring

Data Privacy Safeguards

Passenger identity data are not stored on ID Card Reader or ID Cards
ID Card identifiers and passenger names are matched and securely stored in the Samsara Cloud, which is accessible only by authorized users


Compatible With Other NFC-Based ID Cards

Radio frequency: 13.56 MHz
Transmission protocol: ISO/IEC 14443 A standard

Computer-Based ID Card Management & Provisioning

Connects to computer via USB
Supports various methods to import passenger data, including .csv upload

Mounting Power

Plug And Play Installation

Powered by USB
Connects to Samsara Vehicle Gateway via USB port
Easy mounting with 4 meter cable (mounting hardware and cable management clips included)


No additional software license required.